• Banks have mis-sold 30 million insurance policies on loans, mortgages and credit cards to customers who didn't need it / want it / know about it / could never have claimed on it.

  • Banks have set aside £19 billion compensation mis-sold PPI to refund customers.

  • You can even get a refund on old loans, mortgages and credit cards.

  • You don’t need to find your documents, all we need is your address and we can find out if you had PPI. Our clients receive £3,646 on average.*


Mis-Sold PPI

'Find out more about PPI and how it has been mis-sold.'

Data Gathering Service

'Don't get lost in the financial jungle'

I cannot speak highly enough of your professionalism in dealing with my claim. You kept me informed each step of the way. Her information was clean and to the point. She was always polite and the information she imparted was easy to understand. Mrs Turner received £7,845 from Liverpool & Victoria
We can’t thank Lion Claimline enough for their diligence in pursuing our claim against Ocean Finance. To have the total amount reimbursed from under £3000 to over £30,000 was absolutely fantastic and a wonderful way to start 2014. Our caseworker worked tirelessly in achieving a much more realistic financial outcome for us.
"My settlement was more than I expected and I thank PPI CMC very much for all your help and I would recommend you to anyone" - Mr Smith had 2 Loans with Lloyds
You have been very professional in your communication with me over my PPI claims and have gone through step by step when helping me fill out forms. You have kept me up to date throughout the claims process and have helped me to successfully claim back over £30,000. -Mr Powell received £25,180 from MBNA and £6,724 from Egg
“Thank you so much for what you have done for me regarding my claim against Lloyds TSB, you were very professional and kept me well informed through the whole process and I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and guidance in this matter”

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